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Pearl Lanka

The city of Unawatuna best known as a beach destination for tourists is just eight kilometers away from the main city of Galle. The commercialized city has now increased its’ annual tourists in terms of its attractions. The stretch of Unawatuna beach with best accommodation and amazing food gives each individual an opportunity to enjoy a vacation like never before. The beautiful beaches of Unawatuna narrates a tale of the crescent sand and the beach is not just it. There are plenty more of attractive places around the city to be visited. Let this vacation at Unawatuna serve you with ultimate satisfaction and contentment you longed for. Some attractions of Unawatuna,

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Attractions in Unawatuna

Jungle Beach

This would be a life time experience with assurance. The jungle beach is one of the most popular attractions in Unawatuna where it lets tourists to relax and enjoy to a most. The beach is accessed through a jungle. Visitors will have to climb up the hill and go down the other side of the hill to enter the jungle beach. Play beach games, lie down and relax or enjoy a great swim of the sea.

Japanese Peace Pagoda

Climb up the hill and enjoy a view like no other. With an unbelievable view, the peace pagoda lets tourists to learn the insight of Buddhism with the guidance of the monks in the temple. The pagoda is on the way to the jungle beach and one can sit back peacefully admiring the views of the sea that stretches to Galle. Enjoy a stunning view at a mind blowing location.

Koha Surf Lounge

The lounge is designed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The exceptional food and drinks let anyone of you chill this vacation letting you escape from all the stress. The lounge is an ideal place to socialize and to meet locals and foreigners. The easy going and friendly lounge is one of the coolest places in town to hang out where they offer excellent cocktails.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Dolphin and whale watching is a ranked attraction in the southern coastal stretch of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna beach too offers all tourists the opportunity to capture Dolphins and Whales t your sight. Tourists will be taken in boats in to the deep sea where Dolphins and Whales would be in the close visibility. Enjoy and capture these moments that highlights your journey.

Akmal Ayurvedic and Herbal Tea

Taste the best and the freshest high quality herbal tea at Akmal Ayurvedic who would also tour and guide you through their very own tea plantations passed on from generations. The plantations are amazing and none like any other. Ayurveda is a Sri Lankan healing system derived from ancestors with the most effective results. Sip a herbal tea that soothes and refreshes your body, mind and soul.


Let alone experience and enjoy the customized spa treatments from ancient Sri Lankan and Indian herbal recipes. The ingredients used for therapies are from organic herbs which are tested and contains many healing properties. Some of the best Spa’s in Unawatuna include, Sanctuary Spa and Thaproban Pavilion Resort & Spa.

On your request our services could extend towards offering you with anything best in Unawatuna. Sightseeing tours, Yoga and Pilates classes, Diving and Snorkeling classes are some of many available excursions at Unawatuna. Make the most of this vacation by spending quality time with your friends and family.

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