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Pearl Lanka
Tea plantation landscape in Sri Lanka
Duration: 10 DAYS 09 NIGHTS
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You have made the ideal choice to spend a perfect vacation at an Island so dear and charming. This magnificent Island of Sri Lanka is not just a tourist destination but also a destination that provides all tourists with a bundle of other exciting experiences that includes, historical and religious values, ruins from the ancient past, scenic and mind blowing views that adds color to your tour, a culture influenced by multinationals, entertainment filled with extreme excitement and incomparable services and an embrace and hospitality by the ever giving nature of Sri Lankans. Your experience during this vacation would be unlike any other as you will be spending these 10 days exploring the nature at its best as well as digging in to the culture of Sri Lanka whilst enjoying and indulging yourselves with everything luxurious.

Day 01Negombo Beach Sri Lanka

Transfer to your hotel at Negombo after a warm welcome at the airport

As you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed and escorted to your hotel in Negombo. Negombo which is just a few km away from the Bandaranaike International Airport is a place of genuine beauty and many interests. The city of Negombo which is considered a paradise by many tourists is indeed an ideal place for beach lovers. The beautiful beach in Negombo is one place where you could relax and enjoy any time of the day. Beach lovers could indulge in many water sports and beach games as well as enjoy a ride in a catamaran or a fishing boat.

Spend the night at your hotel in Negombo amidst of all luxuries and prepare to commence the most exciting tour in Sri Lanka ever.

Day 02

Pinnawala and Sigiriya tours

As you enjoy your breakfast at your hotel, you will then leave to commence your tour. On Day 02, you will be taken to Pinnawala to visit the Elephant Orphanage and then to Sigiriya to climb the magnificent rock fortress. In about two hours you will reach Pinnawala where your begins. Have your cameras and batteries ready to capture these beautiful and memorable moments in your possession as you leave us with your footprints.

Pinnawala Elephant OrphanageBaby Elephants Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is situated just between the two of the most popular cities, Colombo and the royal city of Kandy. Originally the orphanage was established by the wild life authorities in 1975 in a coconut property that adjoined the Mahaweli River. Later, the national zoological gardens which is also owned by the wild life authorities took over the property in 1978, started the breeding program in 1982.

Today the orphanage is a beautiful home to many lost, abandoned and injured elephants who used to be homeless. This orphanage is also considered to be the one in the entire world to have the largest herd of captive elephants being treated. Each elephants is fed around 77kg of green matter a day.

The orphanage is open to visitors from morning and volunteers get the opportunity to lend a hand in serving these orphan elephant. There are also the baby elephants who are bottle fed and nursed throughout. Visitors can be a part of their daily routine and enjoy many more exciting adventures of these Elephants during the day.

Sigiriya Rock FortressSigiriya Rock Fortress

Located in the central Matale nearby to a town in Dambulla area, the rock fortress of Sigiriya was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. Many tourists from various parts of the world wouldn’t miss a chance to pay a visit to Sigiriya.

You will enjoy this opportunity to explore and dig the in to the historical tale of Sigiriya while you climb the rock fortress. It was king Kashyapa who constructed this magnificent and breathtaking palace for his own good. He converted his imaginary visions in to a real life experience by hard work over years. This exquisite and remarkable palace contains every possible luxury at the time. The water gardens, cave complex, the boulder garden, the audience hall, Cobra hood cave, the mirror wall, Sigiriya graffiti, terrace of the lion stair ways, Sigiriya frescoes, the summit where the palace was and the pleasure garden would be an experience to awe.

You can also enjoy an elephant back ride before leaving to your hotel at Sigiriya where you will spend the night peacefully and prepare for an exciting tomorrow.

Day 03

Polonnaruwa city tourStatue of Lord Buddha Polonnaruwa

On day 03, you will be proceeded to visit the great ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa. With a golden history, Polonnaruwa has many tasteful tales to narrate to all tourists. It was also during king Parakramabahu’s reign that the kingdom cherished the best. Agriculture has been the main occupational trade since the ancient past. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa is declared as a world heritage site.

Today, Polonnaruwa is one of the best archeological sites. Polonnaruwa which is the second largest city in the North central province lets you enjoy a tour around to witness the remains of a glorious ancient city.

On enjoying an amusing tour at Polonnaruwa, you will be transferred to your hotel in Sigiriya to spend the night.

Day 04

Anuradhapura and Mihintale city tours

On Day 04, you will be taken on a tour to visit two major cities of Sri Lanka; Anuradhapura and Mihintale. Both cities are rich in historical values and importance. It’s a privilege to be able to visit such important and ancient cities and dig in to the history of Sri Lanka.Mirisawetiya Vihara, Anuradhapura


Anuradhapura which is the major city in the North central province Is a major tourist attractions. The city of Anuradhapura which was also a leading kingdom in the history of Sri Lanka is now a world heritage site. Situated in the dry lands of the country, the city needed many irrigational tanks to support their paddy. Anuradhapura thus stands in pride for inventing most complex irrigational systems in the ancient world.

Today, the city lets visitors enjoy a tour throughout the city admiring and exploring into its hard work in the ancient past. The city lets you witness ruins from the old age that includes palaces, monasteries and temples and statues.

Next you will be taken to visit Mihintale; another place of major interest.

MihintaleMihintale, Sri Lanka

Mihintale which is just 12 km away from the main city of Anuradhapura is one place no tourist would miss. Mihintale which resides amidst of a thick forest is a mountain. This forest mountain of Mihintale holds possession of a history beyond all. Mihintale rock is important to all Buddhist worshipers in Sri Lanka mainly because this was said to be the mountain where Buddhism was first brought and delivered by the Mahinda Thero to Sri Lanka.

Mihintale also consists of caves which were used by monks for meditation and residence. The surrounding is scattered with rock boulders and many other monasteries and statues.

On completing a long day of exploration, you will then be transferred to your hotel at Sigiriya.

Day 05

Visit Dambulla Cave Temple, Spice gardens in Matale and Kandy city tour

Today, you will be taken on a long tour where you can learn more about various other cities, their importance and attractions. Your day tour for today covers three amazing and attractive places as the Dambulla Cave Temple, The spice gardens and the golden city of Kandy.

Dambulla Cave TempleThe Golden Temple of Dambulla

The Golden Temple of Dambulla bears a history that is long enough to narrate many tasteful tales. The Rock Temple of Dambulla is just a few km away from the main city of Anuradhapura. The cave temple comprise of five viharas or small caves named as Devarajalena; the cave of Gods, Maharajalena; the cave of great kings, Maha Aluth Vihara; the cave of new temple, the Pacchima Viharaya and Devana Aluth Viharaya; the second new temple. These caves comprise of historical values such as statues of Lord Buddha, statues of Gods and Goddesses and statues of great kings and queens. The ceilings of these caves are covered with beautiful murals. In one of the five caves, water drops down from the ceiling miraculously and doesn’t cease even during droughts.

It’s considered as a blessing to have visited these cave complexes at least once in a lifetime.

Spice Gardens in MataleDambulla Cave Temple

Your next stop for the day would be at the Spice Gardens in Matale. How could one not step in to the great spice garden once in Sri Lanka? The garden full of aromatic spices will drive you speechless. Prepare your cameras to take pics of these wonderful spices while learning step by step about how they are grown into beautiful spice plants. The spices grown in the garden include Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pepper, and Saffron, Chilly, Nutmeg, Mace and Vanilla. Your guide at the spice garden will explain specifically how each plant is processed. Your tour in the garden ends at the spice garden shop where you can buy any of the spices you desire.

Kandy City

Your last stop for the day would be at Kandy, where you will be spending some quality time. The city of Kandy is considered as the Royal City of Sri Lanka for many reasons. The beautiful and breath taking city sits on a plateau surrounded by hilly and rocky mountains. On your way to Kandy you could capture the amazing viewpoints time to time with mind blowing back drops throughout. The major tourist destination of Sri Lanka, offers guests with the opportunity to enjoy various attractions within the city limits and beyond. Many foreigners and locals are tempted to visit Kandy during the season of Kandy procession in August.

After a long and a tiresome day, you can rest and relax back at your hotel in Kandy preparing for another exciting day.

Day 06Tea trees on plantations Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya city tour

Wake up to spend an amazing day. After breakfast you will be touring from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya which is just a few km away. The nature couldn’t explain its reason to change so big within a short time lapse. Experience the great difference in the nature and atmosphere as you move towards Nuwara Eliya which resides on the central highlands. The city of Nuwara Eliya serves as one of the major tourist attractions throughout the year for both locals and tourists. Embrace the cool weather and feel relaxed listening to the humming birds and the nature when at its best. One couldn’t deny to have enjoyed to a maximum while at Nuwara Eliya. The narrow roads with jaw dropping environment invites all its guests to have a lovely tour. Jump out of your vehicle as you see a lovely tea plantation to capture a few pics to take with you.

Spend an awesome night at your hotel in Nuwara Eliya while cuddling and nestling in to your bed.

Day 07

Visit Ravana Ella and Yala National Park

On Day 07 of your tour, you will be visiting the famous Ravana waterfall and then spending some quality time at the Yala National Park.Peacock in Yala National Park

Ravana Ella Waterfalls

The breathtaking waterfall Ravana is one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka. The waterfalls possess a unique beauty beyond any explanation. The Ravana falls is one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka. The waterfall has its own historical tale to narrate. King Ravana was said to have been hiding behind these waterfalls in a cave underground for years after keeping hostage the love of his life Seetha. The famous Ramayanaya has it all detailed as to how King Ravana kidnapped Seetha and hid her in these caves. The scenario of water gushing down from many stairs beautifully has led many tourists to make this one of their favored stops.

Next you will be proceeded to visit the Yala National Park.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is a very popular and the second largest national park in Sri Lanka. Spreading over an area of 978.8 km2, the park consists of five blocks out of which two are open for public visiting. One can capture confident male Leopards crossing your way as you enjoy the safari ride. Wild Elephants are also a common sight. Other wild animals in the park include, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Sloth Bear, Wild Buffalo, Mongoose, Jackal, Pangolins and Crocodiles. There are also various bird species within the park for one to capture to your naked eye. The migrant and endemic birds both humming in one tune is indeed a unique sight.

Having enjoyed your day at two great places of attraction, you will then be transferred to your hotel in Yala. Enjoy the night amidst of the warmth weather and chilling out preparing for an entertaining tomorrow.

Day 08-09Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

Leisure at Bentota

As you wake up and enjoy your breakfast, your next two days of the tour would be to spend at leisure at one of the most famous beaches in Sri Lanka; Bentota.

At Bentota

The magnificent city of Bentota resides in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Popular for its main attraction; Bentota beach, the city serves many tourists with great pleasure. Tourists find it amusing to be spending some quality and entertaining time at Bentota beach for calm and serene nature. One could enjoy many water sports at Bentota as water and jet skiing, deep sea diving, snorkeling, swimming, boat riding tours, taking part in beach volleyball and many more. Having toured hard for the past days, you can also just sit back at the beach front and enjoy at leisure. Your hotel would serve you with sumptuous and mouthwatering sea food dishes throughout your stay. BBQ nights turn to be more fun and entertaining.

Spend your nights at Bentota and enjoy to your hearts content.

Day 10Colombo City, Sri Lanka

Colombo city tour and departure

Day 10 arrives and your tour comes to an end today. You will be taken on a Colombo city tour and a shopping tour where you can learn more about our Commercial and the most happening city in Sri Lanka. Reliving spa facilities and amazing shopping complexes where you can shoe shop, cloth shop and jewelry and accessory shop from your favorite brands.

Having had an entertaining Colombo city tour, you will then be transferred to the airport for departure.

Tour package includes

  • Accommodation (BB Basis)
  • Transport in an air-conditioned private car/van accompanying English speaking chauffeur guide throughout the tour
  • Unlimited travel distance
  • All applicable taxes


Tour package does not include

  • Entrance fees at visiting sites as per the given itinerary
  • Lunch, dinner & beverages
  • Tips, portage or any expense of personal nature
  • Cameras and video permits for certain sites