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Pearl Lanka
Sunrise under the palms, Sri Lanka
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As you decide on spending your vacation with us, we can only tell you that you’ve made the perfect decision. This tour you’ve chosen would be like no other. This land of Sri Lanka is truly a blessing to be experiencing. The spirituality of this land will touch your souls to the bottom as you surrender to the simplicity of the villages, experience the fusion of the bustling cities and spend some quality time where ever you step in.

This specific tour will let you cover a wide range of excursion options making your vacation the best of all. As you travel from one destination to another, you will enjoy the opportunity of switching from modernity to tradition and vice versa which would fill you in with a great bunch of extraordinary experiences. This vacation would range from enjoying at a serene beach, a romantic escape, a historical exploration, an eye catching nature admiration to wildlife and great shopping experiences throughout. The finest dining and best hotels with relieving spas add an exceptional value to your tour.

Having stepped in to experiencing an inspiring and an unforgettable tour in Sri Lanka, it will be in our best interest to ensure you enjoy every bit of time you spend with us while serving you with utmost good faith.

Day 01

Welcome and Transfer to Your Hotel in NegomboNegombo Beach

You will be accepted with warm welcomes and greetings by our representative who will then be escorting you to your hotel in Negombo. Negombo being just a few miles away from the Bandaranaike International Airport, you can relax more time preparing for your tour starting from tomorrow. Your first night which will be spent in Negombo would be a good start for the rest of the vacation as you can relax your mind and body by meandering down along the serene beach in Negombo any time you want. The relaxing beach offers you with great relaxation where no spa could offer.

Negombo being a center of attraction throughout lets you enjoy every bit it has to offer. The city of Negombo has many places of genuine interest to visit while you are still there. The unbeatable colonial styled archeology and buildings constructed with the Dutch influence says it all. Negombo also comprise of the biggest fresh fish market with fresh fish daily. The serene and breathtaking beach throughout Negombo is indeed a relaxing stretch for a peaceful walk. The many restaurants sitting beside the roads offer you with sumptuous dishes and pure entertainment with live music bands on selected days. With its decorative nature throughout; Negombo invites and welcomes all its guests for an extended stay.

Spend the night at your hotel and relax preparing for an exciting tour.

Day 02

Visit Wilpattu National Park

Today is going to be an exciting day as you will be commencing your tour in Sri Lanka and first you will be taken to visit the Wilpattu National Park.

The Park

The national park of Wilpattu was originally declared as a national park in 1938. Located in the dry zone, the jungle of Wilpattu is in close proximity to our ancient historical kingdom of Anuradhapura. The parks history also states that many kings and queens from ancient past have said to be seeking the shelter of Wilpattu for various reasons.Leopard in Wilpattu National Park

The park has been home to various types of wild animals since a long time and the natural lakes formed within the premises invites all the wild beasts and the migrant birds in the jungle to quench their thirst. Some of the commonly seen mammals include the Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Leopard, Spotted Deer, Mongoose and Buffalo. Whistling Teal, White Ibis, White Egret, Pintail, Owl, Eagle, Junglefowl and Painted Stork are frequently sighted birds in the park. Some of the very common reptiles and amphibians in the park are, Mugger Crocodile, Cobra, Rat Snake, Indian Python and Pond and Soft-shelled Turtles.

The park is also consisted with various types of endemic flora and fauna. Tourists could indulge in capturing these momentary experiences within the premises.

You will be taken to visit the park in the Safari jeeps with experienced guides who know best about wild animal timings to track them. Although the prime times of visiting the park is considered between Februarys to October, you can visit the park anytime of the year and witness most of these wild animals.

After a tiresome day, you will be headed to your hotel in Anuradhapura where you will spend the night at peace and relax with the finest cuisines.

Day 03

Day Tour in AnuradhapuraMedirigiriya Vatadage Polonnaruwa

Pack your stuff as we are going to explore the city of Anuradhapura which was once a Kingdom that reigned for a long period and now a city full of nothing but historical tales and ruins to support those tales. Have a look at some of the unbelievable palaces, temples and statues each with its own historical tale to narrate to its visitors.

About Anuradhapura

The city of Anuradhapura reigned from the 4th century to the 10th century. The credits of formally planning the city to a successful kingdom belongs to King Pandukabhaya who had to endure wars with his own uncles and finally becoming the king of Anuradhapura. The city had its own culture with many international and national traders at the time. The king had built a quarter for the traders and it improved the international business relationships to a great extent. It was also during this kingdom that Buddhism was developed in Sri Lanka.

Today, Anuradhapura is considered as a major archeological site for all tourists. Cultivation of paddy was passed on from generations and still practice paddy cultivations by farmers in Anuradhapura. Some of the main attractions of Anuradhapura include, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, Ruwanwelisaya, Abhayagiri Stupa, Twin ponds, Aukana Buddha Statue, Carving of Isurumuniya lovers and Jetavanaramaya and Mirisawetiya Stupa.

Having dug into and learned some historical values of Anuradhapura, you will then be transferred to your hotel at Sigiriya to spend the night.

Day 04

Visit Polonnaruwa and SigiriyaRuins in Polonnaruwa

Your next tour would be at Polonnaruwa, another major city of historical importance. Pack up and prepare yourselves for an exciting day tour while capturing some great sites.

About Polonnaruwa

Today, Polonnaruwa which is also a major religious site is open for tourists and any of its visitors throughout the year. The city has many places of historical importance and value for you to see. Some of the interesting places include, the Parakrama Samudra, ruins of the seven storied Sathmahal Prasada, the Buddha statues in Gal Vihara and the Moonstone of Polonnaruwa. The main trade followed by villagers of Polonnaruwa is paddy cultivations and the serenity and beauty of this area is beyond explanation.

About SigiriyaSigiriya Rock

You will then be taken to visit another city that cherishes the memories of ancient times. Sigiriya, which ones used to be a reality of an imaginary palace constructed by King Kashyapa. He fled from his own Kingdom and made his own imaginary palace in the wilderness of Sigiriya where no one could reach him. The palace of Sigiriya is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site and it has got many tourists attracted over the years. The tale of Sigirya is one with vision, beauty and tragedy. Tourists can walk into the palace and discover all about it. As much as climbing Sigiriya would seem like a challenge, we assure it’s worth it. The mirror wall, the world famous frescoes, The Lion Staircase, the Sky Palace, The graffiti and the gardens and ponds are some extremely breathtaking attractions.

At Sigiriya, you can also enjoy Elephant riding, souvenir shopping and visit the museum.

As you enjoy the day, you might have almost come to an end of it by the time you discover all of Sigiriya. You will then be transferred to your hotel to stay over at relax as tomorrow will be another enthusiastic day of the tour.

Day 05

Visit Dambulla Cave Temple, Spice Gardens and KandyBuddha Statues in Dambulla Cave Temple

As you leave Sigiriya after breakfast, you will then be taken to two of the most remarkable places in your tour. Dambulla and Kandy the Golden City. These two tours would let any tourist explore a variety of traditional customs, religious beliefs and values.

Matale Spice Garden

As you will be taken to spend some quality time at the Matale Spice Garden, make the most of this opportunity to learn about some of the great spices in Sri Lanka and how they are being grown and processed. Since a very long time, Sri Lanka has been home to various endemic spices, most of them are in this Spice garden where you can learn about each. Some of them in the garden include, Cinnamon, Fragrant Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Saffron, Mace and Pepper and various other herbs as well. Your individual guide at the Spice garden will explain you in detail about each and every spice followed by its processing practices.

Enjoy a tour in the garden before visiting Dambulla Cave Temple.

Dambulla Cave Temple

Dambulla Cave Temple is one temple with added historical value and importance. The temple which is considered as a world heritage site is a priority tourist destination for many tourists. The Golden Temple of Dambulla resides on a massive rock which consist of magnificent caves that include statues of Lord Buddha, Paintings of ancient Kings and Queens and Gods. With a very long history, the temple is still blessed to be ranked among the top. One of the most important facts about this temple is the preserved archeological values throughout the history. The main five caves are dedicated in the names as follows, the Cave of Gods, the Cave of Great Kings, the Cave of Great New Temple, the Cave of Western Temple and the Cave of Second New Temple.

Visiting the Golden Temple of Dambulla is considered as a blessing by many.

Kandy the Sacred CityKandy Temple of the Tooth Relic of Lord at the night

Next you will be directed to pay a visit to the city of Kandy where there’s unconditional amusement and interest. Kandy which was long ago a popular Kingdom in Sri Lanka still stands in pride for its many values and attractions. The cultural city beholds many attractions and gathers worshippers and followers of Buddhism and many tourists annually during its season in August. The city of Kandy has many attractions as the Temple of the Tooth, Gem Museum, Cultural dancing, Lake Circle, Kandy City Center, Royal Botanical Gardens and many more.

As you gather valuable memories in Kandy, it might already be time to head to your hotel in Kandy where you will spend the time preparing for an exciting tomorrow.

Day 06

Visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and the Royal Botanical Gardens

As you start a fresh day, you will then be taken to visit the famous tourist attraction of the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawala.

Pinnawala Elephant orphanage

Located in the Sabaragamuwa province of Sri Lanka, this orphanage is the home and breeding grounds for many Asian Elephants who have been injured, gone astray or captured due to various reasons in the forest. They will be nursed and taken care of until they are fit enough to return to the jungle. Tourists get the opportunity to volunteer or learn about how the baby elephants are bottle fed and bathed along with other elephants and how their daily routine works. These elephants are taken to river to bathe where you can capture these memories as well as when they start playing once they return to their home.

Having a memorable experience at Pinnawala you will next be taken to visit the Royal Botanical gardens at Kandy.

The Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens is one major attraction at hill country. The garden was established by the British who by the time were the rulers of Sri Lanka. The vegetation at the gardens is purely tropical and includes plants as palms, bamboos, screw pines and orchids. The 4000 labeled species of flora at the gardens has undergone tremendous care and preservations throughout the years. Other attractions within the Botanical Gardens include a Spice Garden, Orchid House, Pavilions, Lawns, The Cabbage Palm Avenue, Artificial Lake, Suspension Bridge and Great Circle and memorial trees. Reportedly around 2 million visitors happen to be attracted to the Royal Botanical Gardens throughout the year.

Spend some amazing time at the gardens before leaving to your hotel at Kandy.

Day 07

Visit Nuwara EliyaTea Plantation Sri Lanka

Your tour for today will be to see the most scenic place on this Island. Central highlands has been every tourist’s favorite spot to spend a couple of days or even longer for a relaxing and cooling vacation. With a climate to embrace and cuddle, Nuwara Eliya is one of the pin pointed attractive highland cities to spend some quality time.

With its charming atmosphere and environment, anyone would be drifted away with a feeling of never to go back. Since a very long time, the city of Nuwara Eliya has been popular for its many attractions. Some of the famous places of interest include, Hakgala Botanical Garden, St. Clairs Falls, Devon Falls, Pidurutalagala, Horton Plains National Park, Adam’s Peak, Nuwara Eliya Golf Club and the Seetha Amman Temple. If you are visiting Nuwara Eliya for the season, you will be lucky enough to be enjoying at carnivals with musical shows and varieties of entertainment games. Pony and horse rides are available for anyone who prefers. Who wouldn’t love to embrace the cool waters in such a climate? You can enjoy a turn of canoeing or boat riding in the Gregory Lake and have a chilling experience.

After an amazing day tour in Nuwara Eliya, you will be transferred to your hotel to spend the night and relax preparing for an adventurous tomorrow.

Day 08

Day Tour at Horton Plains National ParkDeer in Horton Plains National Park

Having had a fabulous night amidst of the cool mountain breeze, you will be indulged with a tempting breakfast by your hotel. Next prepare yourselves with cameras to visit one of the most amazing national parks in the country.

The Park

The silent yet strangely beautiful park of Horton Plains let’s all its visitors enjoy a heavenly experience at the top of a mountain cliff. Whoever wish to hike are more than welcome by the park to hike with the shadows of the two of other popular mountain cliffs. The entire park which is covered by wild grassland gives you nothing but an amazing opportunity to enjoy a nature trail by walk or cycling. Capture these momentary experiences to own for lifetime. The park which is over 2000m high consist of a very thick forest amidst where most beautiful waterfalls can be captured. The plateau of the Horton plains meets a sudden end fall which is known as the world’s end where you can enjoy the view of the Southern coastal villages from the top. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The park is abundant with Sri Lanka Spur and Junglefowls, the Blue Magpie, Dull-blue Flycatcher, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon, Yellow-fronted Barbet and Orange-billed Babbler.

Having enjoyed a whole day at the Horton Plains, next you will be transferred back to your hotel in Nuwara Eliya. Enjoy another night among the cool breeze, cuddling and nestling in your bed and to prepare for another interesting tour tomorrow.

Day 09

Day Tour at Yala National ParkElephant at Yala National Park

You will be picked up from the hotel to commence yet another day tour to one of the most interesting wild life zone in Sri Lanka. This would be a unique experience in Sri Lanka as you get the opportunity to witness some endemic animals. Capture these wild yet lovely creatures to remember them when you return home.

About the Park

The unique scrub jungle residing in the area of Yala permits an area of about 140km for public viewing. The park which is open from early morning to evening lets tourists cover a wide area for a day. You will be touring around the park in a Safari Jeep and will be crossing several rivers during your tour. Yala National Park is one place where the “big four” could be seen anytime of the day. Big four include, the Elephants, Sloth Bear, Leopard and Wild Buffalo.

Apart from the big four, there are 40 other species of mammals in the park and some of them include the Toque Macaque, Golden Palm Civet, Red Slender Loris, Fishing Cat and Domestic Stock. Some birds in the park include, the Grey Hornbill, Sri Lankan Junglefowl, Sri Lanka Wood Pigeon, Crimson-fronted barbet, Black-necked Stork, Pelican and Water Stork. Reptile varieties include the Sri Lankan Krait, Mugger and Saltwater Crocodiles, Indian Cobra and Sea Turtles. Tilapia, Stone Sucker, Black-spot barb and Spiny Loach are some common fish varieties in the park.

You can head back to your hotel after your game drive for the day and call it an adventurous day of your entire tour.

Day 10

Tour around GalleDondra Head Lighthouse, Sri Lanka

As you bid good bye to the wilderness of Yala, you next stop would be at Galle; one of the most breathtaking places in down south. The city of Galle which is now purely a tourist attraction was once ruled and governed by Portuguese, Dutch and the British. These influenced led the city to improve in its culture, architectural advancements and entertainment which attracted most tourists from around the world.

In and around Galle

Galle is nothing but a city with total excitement, never ending fun and luxury. The beach that edges Galle is an interesting getaway spot where anyone could enjoy swimming, diving, skiing and beach games. While you are at Galle, the plenty of attractions as the Galle Fort, shopping experiences, Galle Light House, National Maritime Museum and various churches and temples would make you extend your stay. The exuberance of the city is unlike any other. Not to mention about the aristocratic dwelling and fine dining, best spas with Ayurvedic facilities and other comforting services come in handy during your stay at Galle. The Southern city of Galle is one place where you can wander the atmosphere meandering down the streets and explore the nature at its best.

On spending a touchy day at Galle, you will then be transferred to your hotel in Galle where you will enjoy a chilling and entertaining night.

Day 11 to 12

Leisure at BentotaBeach in Sri Lanka

Bentota which is in close proximity to Galle will be your next stop where you will experience a whole bunch of entertaining experiences. Bentota is ideal to kill time at relax to your hearts content. The serene and calm beach invites all its visitors to enjoy an energizing swim anytime of the day. At Bentota, anything you wish is possible. On experiencing the finest on the Island, you can spend some quality time at peace doing whatever you feel like.

The City of Bentota

As you step in Bentota, you will feel the warmth of the welcome and the length it extends. As Bentota is considered as the prime beach resort of the Southern coast, most tourists are attracted to spend some time of their tour at Bentota. The many attractions in and around Bentota include, the famous Bentota beach, Bentota river where you can enjoy boating and canoeing, Bentota estuary, Galapatha Buddhist Temple, Brief Garden which is a mind blowing creation of late Bevis Bawa. The many shopping places available in and around Bentota would make your stay even colorful.

Spend some quality and lengthy time in Bentota.

Spend the night at your hotel in Bentota.

Day 13

Colombo City TourPresidential Secretariat Office in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Today, you will be headed to the Kingdom of the Western coast; Colombo. Colombo is the heart of the Island and lacking something there is impossible. Colombo is one place which can fill in any emptiness in your tour so far. The magnificent Colombo offers luxury in style.

The City of Colombo

At Colombo, there’s a whole bundle of unexpected entertaining experiences that awaits you. The serene beach, the many restaurants that serve you with any cuisine and specially Island fresh sea food dishes, the many religious places as temples, kovils and churches, National Museum which lets you get a whole different experience of paintings and arts. National Zoological Gardens for animal lovers, Pamper yourself with an indulging touch from one of our many tempting spas in Colombo or enjoy shopping just the way you wanted with your personal brand of clothes, shoes, perfumes or watches. Anything is always possible at Colombo.

You can also enjoy in nightlife entertainment activities as you will be spending your night at your hotel in Colombo.

Day 14


As the days passed by and the tour finally comes to an end, it is also time to bid good bye. It’s our pleasure to have indulged you with the finest on the Island and tour with you to the best places of attractions in Sri Lanka. It would undoubtedly have made a great change to your life and your memory lane as a tourist.

Until we meet again, you will then be transferred to the Bandaranaike International Airport for you to return home safely.


Tour package includes

  • Accommodation (BB Basis)
  • Transport in an air-conditioned private car/van accompanying English speaking chauffeur guide throughout the tour
  • Unlimited travel distance
  • All applicable taxes


Tour package does not include

  • Entrance fees at visiting sites as per the given itinerary
  • Lunch, dinner & beverages
  • Tips, portage or any expense of personal nature
  • Cameras and video permits for certain sites