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Pearl Lanka

How wonderful would it be to enjoy this vacation under the warmth of the golden sun? Experience the breathtaking beach views as you relax in the beach front. As you let out all the stress to fade away, inhale freshness and pamper yourself with the finest in Negombo. Negombo beach is popular as a best tourist destination on the Island. Famous for its fresh fish, most restaurants are excelled in offering you with mouthwatering sea food delights. Let yourself be driven by the mesmerized wind that invites you in for undefinable relaxation throughout. Visit some exciting places as,

Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

Attractions in Negombo

Negombo Beach

Negombo is most attractive in terms of its none other than amazing beachfront. The major tourist attraction of Negombo beach offers guests with many indulgences. Swimming, boating, skiing, jet skiing, diving, whale and Dolphin watching and fishing are some entertainments one could enjoy. Relax at the golden beach on a romantic evening, enjoying a BBQ or gazing at the stars. Meander down giving your feet the most soothing foot spa. Play volleyball and other beach games on shore. Finally enjoy the best tasting sea food delights that tickles your taste buds.

Muthurajawela Marsh

Covering an area of 6000 hectares, the marshes are among high attractions in Negombo. The continuous mixing of the sea water and the wetland daily over thousands of years has led to major biological diversification. The marshes are home to various flora, birds and animals as mangroves, medicinal plants, butterflies and various fish some of who are endemic. Other native animals seen on these wetlands include crocodiles, reptiles as pythons and snakes and monitor lizards.

Dutch Fort with Historical Resemblance

The Pentagonal Dutch fort is built on the ruins of the fort which was destroyed by cannons in 1644. The entrance of the tunnel leads you to many shops, boutiques, restaurants and various shops inside the fort and would be ideal for those who are planning on going shopping on foot. Walk around the fort which edges the Indian Ocean.

“The Gallery”

Visit the art gallery in Negombo where paintings of the most talented and most artistic experts are being held. All paintings are premier quality paintings by canvass that touches the inner soul of each individual. Catering various tastes and preferences, the art gallery would not only amuse its’ visitors but also tempt for often visits.

Fish Market

Visitors enjoy the opportunity to visit the local fish market in Negombo which is the second largest fish market on the Island daily at the Old Dutch fort gate. Fishermen who wear colorful clothes bring in deep sea fish varieties to the market daily. Some commonly available fish in the market include, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, prawns and huge heaps of various large and small fish. Fishermen shouts in competition and holds fish auctions too.

Angurukaramulla Temple

One wouldn’t miss the Angurukaramulla temple if visiting Negombo. The temple is popular for its tall Buddha statue. The statue is six meters and the entrance of the temple is designed with and opened dragon mouth. The amazing temple gets more interesting as you step inside. The ceilings of the temple is painted with murals, sculptures and stories that reminds us of Buddha’s journey of enlightening. There are also paintings of rulers of Mahavansa. The premises also consist of a 300 year old library and an epic stupa. If ancient historic tales and murals and sculptures interest you, the temple is the ideal place of attraction for you!

Apart from the above there are many other places of interest to visit, not to forget the exclusive shopping options in Negombo throughout.

Enjoy a soothing, mind blowing and a contented beach vacation at Negombo with your loved ones.

Other Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka.

How wonderful would it be to enjoy this vacation under the warmth of the golden sun? Experience the breathtaking beach views as you relax in the beach front.