Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka attracts tourists for many reasons out of which Tourism is a major reason. Being Peacock Sri Lankanaturally appealing as a tourist destination, Sri Lanka is found to be growing with popularity all over the world. If you’re planning on visiting Sri Lanka during this vacation, be amazed of how worthy your trip would be. Take your family to a place where they’ll feel home far away from home.

Major places of interest spread almost all over the Island. Sri Lanka is enriched with plentiful natural and jaw dropping resources around the island. Some of the many attractions one would come across would be the loveliest beaches with golden sands and undiscovered sunsets, national parks and reserves, nature places, ancient cities which were ones ruling and powerful kingdoms, events and festivals, ayurveda treatments and spas, climatic diversity, wildlife, adventures and special interest sports, shopping, authentic Sri Lankan food and classy hotels with incomparable services and unmatched hospitality.

Beautiful Beaches

Explore the undiscovered Sunset in Sri Lanka. The beautiful golden beaches edging the Indian Beaches in Sri LankaOcean is beyond magnificence words can express. The many beautiful and breathtaking beaches lie on the three coastal lines North, West and East. The very famous Negambo, Hikkaduwa, Ambalangoda, Beruwala, Bentota, Mount Lavinia, Galle and Weligama beaches lie on the Northern coastline while the very prominent beaches in Trincomalee, Arugam bay, Nilaveli and Kalkudah lie on the Eastern coast.

Lie down embracing the warmth of the welcoming Sun rays enjoying a sun tan or meander down at the dusk with your loved one embracing the cold breeze that runs through.

National Parks and Reserves

Experience the rare opportunity to witness the national parks and reserves which preserves the Wild Elephant in Sri Lankaendemic wild lives of various species. The parks are home to many endemic creatures as Sloth bear, Leopards, wild elephants, sambas, bats, species of reptiles, crocodiles, various species of birds, freshwater fish, endemic butterflies and to many more. Take part in a thrilling yet an adventurous and an exciting wild life safari.

Ayurveda Treatments

Sri Lanka is one place with ancient healing methods called “Ayurveda”. These treatments are passed on from generation to generation and believes in common as magical. These treatments helps regain your lost energy and confidence while releasing all your stress. The touch of these expert therapists will heal you both physically and mentally.

Enjoy head, facial, body and foot massages as well as herbal bath| herbal water bath, herbal steam bath and milk rice fermentation. Cure all your air, bile and phlegm related illnesses with Ayurveda treatments and feel relieved like never before.

Climatic Diversity

Sri Lanka is quite close to the equator thus possess characteristics of a tropical country. The Nice Scene of Sri Lankawarm climate spreads throughout the year and will be ideal for those of you who seek a summer get away around a sandy beach surrounded by the bluest water ever. Nevertheless, our Central hills gives away a chance to enjoy a cold weather for those of you who are looking for a change. The waterfalls, tea estates and tea factories, golf courses surrounded by breathtaking hilltop backdrops are mind blowing and exquisite.
Don’t miss out the chance to experience massive fun with great climate.

Ancient cities/ culture/ events and festivals

Sri Lanka being a country with plentiful historical tales invites you in to experience and witness Ruins Polonnaruwa, Sri Lankaall of it. The ancient cities of Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Damulla and Kandy let guests witness ruins from the old age. The cities which were once remarkable and powerful kingdoms back then narrates their stories by way of the remaining evidences. Don’t miss the chance to learn interesting history lessons while at the same time taking part in cultural events and festivals such as Kandy procession where you can witness many traditional customs and rituals being carried out to pay homage to Buddhism and Sri Lankan culture.

Never again will you get this opportunity to witness a unique culture as in Sri Lanka!


Feel tempted to take part in many adventures in a tremendously diversified country. Sri Lanka Herd of Deer Sri Lankaexposes you to unbelievable highlands, lush forests, game reserves and eco tourism. When in Sri Lanka some of the most exciting adventures you can try would include hiking and rock climbing, white water rafting, canoeing, skiing, jet skiing, diving, swimming, fishing, dolphin and whale watching, mountain biking and cycling, caving, camping, tour to visit the Aboriginal tribe, turtle hatchery sites, national parks with wild life and many more.

There are abundant places of interests rich in heritage, culture, beauty where you can experience excitement like never before.

Food and Hotels

Sri Lanka proudly presents itself in offering guests with a wide array of authentic Sri Lankan Galle Face Hotel Colombodishes that tickles your taste buds. We can assure our food to be organic and healthy. Our fishermen brings home the freshest fish that our expert chefs all over the island convert in to sumptuous sea food delights ever. Apart from the traditional Sri Lankan dishes, our chefs are also experienced in serving you with the finest Western, Eastern, Italian or popular Chinese dishes.

We have always catered our tourists from around the world and offered them with the standard facilities throughout their stay. Hotels in Sri Lanka from various grades offer their guests with luxury amenities and facilities with tremendous hospitality.

Once you visit Sri Lanka you will not have a heart to return. Ready yourselves to experience the most relieving, entertaining, exciting, and adventurous tour ever. Let yourselves be drifted away with extreme indulgence with constant assistance and guidance throughout your stay with us and experience the greatest traveller in you!